Can the brain ever be quiet?

Scientists Seminar 1

What is thought?

Scientists Seminar 1 Brockwood Park
June 08, 1984

Can one observe the structure and nature of the brain in oneself, rather than externally? Is it necessary to have a theory or model to see what is actually going on? Why do we divide the brain at all? What is thought? What is thinking? The observer is the past, memory, knowledge, experience. Can I look at something without the past? Psychologically, why should I accumulate? If action is ‘I will do’ or ‘I have done’, it is not action. Action is now. When the observer is the observed there is a radical change in the brain. To change a physical habit is fairly simple but a psychological habit demands much greater energy. I have an insight that going north is futile, and the insight says go east, and I move. There is no interval in this movement.


Scientists Seminar 2

Is there an action in which there is no limitation?

Scientists Seminar 2 Brockwood Park
June 09, 1984

Are we discussing speculatively, theoretically, or actually? What is the relationship between what is happening now and knowledge? When action is based on the past or on the future that action must invariably be limited. Can the self end? What is intelligence? Is there a perception without the word? Where there is love and compassion there is intelligence, which is not the product of thought. Intelligence is not intermittent. If we are functioning all the time within the field of knowledge it is very limited. Is there an end to something?


Scientists Seminar 3

Can thought come to an end?

Scientists Seminar 3 Brockwood Park
June 10, 1984

How would you inquire into that intelligence which is not the product of thought? When our brain has been active from childhood: work, struggle, pain, learn, don’t learn, the whole human struggle, human endeavour, can the brain, which has been so conditioned, ever be quiet? Can the brain ever be quiet apart from its own rhythm? Can thought come to an end, stop? What is thought? When one actually faces the fact that one cannot do anything, the brain, the inside, apart from its rhythm, comes to be quiet. Love, compassion, has its own intelligence. The intelligence of thought has no relationship with that intelligence, but that intelligence has a relationship.


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