Facing a world in crisis

Public Talk 1

Why do we have so many problems?

Public Talk 1 Brockwood Park
August 24, 1985

How do you approach a problem or challenge? Can the brain, educated to live with problems, have no problems at all? Are we aware that our brain lives with problems? Can the brain become aware of itself, its thoughts, its reactions, its way of living? Can the brain be free of self-interest, which is the beginning of corruption and the origin of conflict? Is it possible to live in this complicated world without conflict? The question, not the answer, has tremendous significance. Can one remain quiet and watch? Are observation and love related?


Public Talk 2

The relationship of time and thought to fear

Public Talk 2 Brockwood Park
August 25, 1985

What is the nature of beauty? What is its relationship to thought, time and love? Can memory apprehend that which is beautiful? Time is the movement of memory, knowledge, experience. Can this movement ever end? What is the connection between thought and time? Can thinking in the deepest valleys of the brain ever stop? Is relationship, the closeness, the feeling for each other, based on thought? Is fear related to time and thought? Is it possible to end fear now so completely that you are free?


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 18

Public Questions 1 Brockwood Park
August 27, 1985

Why are you here? Q1: How can we know if mystical and spiritual experiences are illusions unless we know reality? Q2: Is illness due simply to degeneration or abuse of the body, or does it have some other significance? Q3: What is my responsibility toward the present world crisis? Q4: Does asking for guidance necessarily prevent understanding? Cannot seeking help be a means of discovery of ourselves? If not, what is the sense of listening to you, Krishnamurti? Q5: What is total vision? Is it an extension of our normal brain function or something totally different?


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 18

Public Questions 2 Brockwood Park
August 29, 1985

Is it possible to be totally free of influence, to find the origin, the beginning of all things? Q1: Is there a faculty to see that there is no path to truth outside myself? What will give me the need, the energy to move in this direction? Q2: I am afraid to change. If I change, what will happen afterwards? Q3: How does one meet aggression and psychological attack from a close relative from whom one cannot escape? Q4: What do you say to people who seem to pick parts of what you say that fits their problems or interest and then discard the rest? Q5: There are many accounts of people following a particular discipline who come upon the immeasurable. Are they self-deluded, or have they come to this somehow despite their efforts?


Public Talk 3

The relationship of freedom to self-interest

Public Talk 3 Brockwood Park
August 31, 1985

Do we realize how very little freedom we have? Are pleasure, fear, self-interest, time, thought, all one movement? Does change imply a movement in time? If we understand that all time is now then is change meaningless? Why has man suffered from time immemorial? Is there an end to sorrow? Is love a continuation and remembrance of pleasure, or is it entirely beyond thought and time? What relationship has love to sorrow and compassion? Where there is love there is absolute freedom. Can we live our daily life with that perfume?


Public Talk 4

The nature of the brain that lives religiously

Public Talk 4 Brockwood Park
September 01, 1985

Do we realize that we are the world and the world is us? Can we together understand the world, ourselves and our relationship to the world? Can we inquire together into why we want continuity and what is ending? How are time and thought involved in this process? What is death? If we realize the immense significance of living with that ending that is called death in our daily life, there is real transformation, real mutation, even in the brain cells. Can the brain ever understand that which is limitless? Can the brain be quiet? Is there a mind, which is not the brain, to understand that immensity?


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