In attention there is no effort

K School - Students Discussion 1

What is the taste of fear?

K School - Students Discussion 1 Rishi Valley
December 05, 1985

Q: What is fear? Are you afraid of something? What do you mean by fear? What is the feeling that you have when you are frightened? What is the motivation, what starts fear, the cause, the root, the basis of it? People have gone to war, killed each other on account of fear. There is division between us. As long as nationalism, racialism, tribalism exists, you are going to kill somebody or somebody will kill you. If you have no nationality, then what do you identify with? Fear is involved in time. Our life is entangled, concerned with time. The past controls the present and the present is shaping the future. So the future is now being formed. Is there a way of being free of time?


K School - Students Discussion 2

Thinking about myself all day long

K School - Students Discussion 2 Rishi Valley
December 11, 1985

What is our brain? The brain contains all you have learned and is full of memories. You are always living in a circle of what you have learned and acquired as information, which becomes knowledge. My brain is full of knowledge: absurdities, imaginations, illusions, and this whole thing is ‘me’. I am all that: fear, pain, suffering - I am all that accumulation. What is the origin, the beginning of thought? Has thought roots in experience? Why is the brain so occupied with thought? The word is not the actual. Is there a way of thinking without all the memories of the past? Can our mind ever be quiet?


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